We work with you to define the important aspects of the position that needs to be filled. This forms the basis of all our recruitment efforts, care must be taken from both sides to make the resulting profile as accurate as possible without at the same time making it too limiting.

Our Process

  1. Search – Insofar as they are not already known, the target companies from which potential candidates might come are researched.
  2. Identification – Within the target companies, the relevant individuals are identified.
  3. Motivational Analysis – A survey is done with the identified individuals to determine their motivations, their goals and what possible reasons might exist for a career move. This prepares potential candidates for our direct contact by encouraging them to think about their future career, their goals etc., thereby making them more open for an approach by us.
  4. Second Contact – The second contact to the potential candidate is now sought and his willingness to take part in a discussion is determined. At this stage we also find out more of the candidate´s background and whether he is possibly suited for the position. The client company is usually not yet mentioned at this stage in order to ensure confidentiality.
  5. Interviews – The candidates found are interviewed. The purpose is to determine their personal qualifications for the position to be filled. We also present our client company in such a way, as to make the position to be filled interesting for the candidate. From these candidates we determine a short list.

Choosing a Successful Candidate

  1. Presentation – Qualified short-list candidates are presented to you.
  2. Contract – We will assist you in the final selection of candidates and help to arrange the final signing of contracts.
  3. Probation Time – It can happen, that excellent candidates run into certain troubles during the initiation period. If required, we will help candidates become acclimatized and help them to become successful in their new position.