Berlin is of course the capital and the largest city (population 3.5 million) of Germany. It has a highly

developed public transportation system. Built on a plain, Berlin has few natural boundaries for its

growth. As a consequence Berlin sprawls over a large area.

Due to its history not that many large companies have their headquarters in Berlin, preferring the

western part of Germany. Of course many have branch offices there. This has led to the situation

that the Berlin economy has been quite soft for many years. Salaries tend to be lower in Berlin as a

consequence, as are rents and general living costs. This has made Berlin a very attractive city for

many IT start-ups. This scene is booming in Berlin and has attracted many high level software


We can recruit in Berlin, the city only being one hour’s flight away from Düsseldorf. We have done

various projects there. Headhunting in Berlin among the start-up companies is in part difficult

however because many are so new that they don’t appear anywhere and are therefore not known

yet. Still if you want executive search in Berlin, you will find it is an attractive city, particularly for

younger people who are happy to move there.