Munich is the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, with a population of around

1.5 million. The Munich Metropolitan Region is home to 5.8 million people. Munich is of course

famous for its beer and for the Oktoberfest. It is certainly one of Germany’s favorite cities to live and

work in. This has to do with its geography, being close to the mountains, only a few hour’s drive away

from northern Italy and due to the beautiful lakes in the region.

Munich is known for several large companies such as BMW and Siemens but also has many mid-sized

companies as well. For many years Munich was a hub for the IT, semiconductor and electronics

industries in Germany. To a certain degree this has now moved to Berlin (particularly IT) but Munich

is still home to such companies as Oracle, Microsoft, Infineon and many others. Munich also has a

large media presence with companies like Burda, Random House, Pro7-Sat1 and others being


Recruiting for Munich is easy on the one hand because it is a city everyone wants to live in, but on

the other hand difficult because as a consequence prices for apartments are high, and living quarters

are difficult to get. This causes salaries to be higher in the Munich region as well.

Munich is well connected both by high speed rail and by an international airport. For us, Munich is

only an hour away so that recruitment in Munich is no problem for us. Getting to Munich is

sometimes faster than getting to the other side of the Ruhr area! We have often filled positions in

Munich and southern Germany simply because this is an economic hot spot for Germany.