Frankfurt is one of the top business cities of Germany. The home to many of the major German Banks

(Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank), it is also home to many international companies. Frankfurt has

about 770,000 inhabitants but the greater Rhine-Main region has 5 ½ million and is therefore the

second largest metropolitan region. Frankfurt is served by Germany’s largest international airport

offering the most international connections, which is why it is often chosen as a location. Frankfurt is

also very well connected to the rest of the country through a high speed train network. From

Düsseldorf we can reach Frankfurt in a bit over one hour.

Despite these advantages, Frankfurt as such is not particularly well liked. Getting people to move to

the Frankfurt area is not easy (compared to Munich, Hamburg or Berlin). Nonetheless, recruiting for

the Frankfurt area is reasonably easy. The large metropolitan area gives us a large pool of well-

educated people. As a recruitment company in Germany, we serve the Frankfurt region.