Our Italian headquarters are in Rome. Being the capital of Italy it is essential that we serve the market in and around Rome. In Rome we also have our executive academy in which we train executives (online) in the various aspects of running a business. A highly popular and interesting service (available only in Italian at the moment). We can help you find the executives or sales staff you need in Italy, not only in Rome but also anywhere else in Italy. Due to our specialisation in helping international companies find the people they need in Italy, we are experts in many industries. We will help you find country managers, sales managers, productions managers or other higher level employees throughout Italy.

Rome ranked as the world’s 28th most important city in the Global Cities Index. Rome is a major EU and international financial, cultural, and business centre. Rome produces 6.7% of the national GDP after Milan which provides 10%. Rome is also a huge tourist destination, ranking third behind London and Paris.

Although the economy of Rome is characterized by the absence of heavy industry and it is largely dominated by services, high-technology companies (IT, aerospace, defense, telecommunications), research, construction and commercial activities (especially banking), and the huge development of tourism are very dynamic and extremely important to its economy.