We are a German Recruitment Agency, specializing in headhunting and helping companies with foreign roots recruit the people they need within Germany. We have recently joined forces with a similar minded company in Italy so that we can offer the same high quality search and selection throughout Italy.

We find a wide range of people; from simple sales personnel (and there is nothing simple about finding good sales staff), to country managers, marketing managers, CFO’s, IT professionals and others.

Our recruitment agency understands the cultural differences between Germany or Italy and other countries and assists you in recruiting the right employees with which you can grow your German / Italian business. With more than 30 years of experience in headhunting and recruiting, we know where to look to find the people you need for in your industry. We want to see your business be successful in Germany and/or Italy.

As well as being one of Germany’s most experienced recruitment agencies, we also offer services in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. Usually we aid owners of mid-sized German or Italian companies who want to sell find buyers. On the other hand we will perform searches for those wishing to acquire a German or Italian company. Let us know what you are looking for!